Thursday, February 9, 2012

Bhagam Bhag Indian Film new version

Indian Film industry is on top in Asian Market at the moment they are creating quality movies including, super action films, Romantic stories and funny movies. Bhagam Bhag has numerous series and now it is available is have shared it with you we hope you will enjoy this.

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

War of Internet Explorer

War of Internet Explorers 
Part 1 
Social Media has changed everything  in our life the way of connection between two person has been totally changed. In past one has only few options to contact with other person and now has countless resources. After the advent of Facebook, twitter, Skype and many other social communities has totally changed the way of communication between people. 

Internet Explorer (Microsoft)  and its History: 
Now coming to the point internet explorers war is continued around us. Internet Explorer from Microsoft still enjoying the benefits of being pioneer of the market and still being leader of Internet Explorers market in all over the world. The most important reason of popularity of Internet Explorer is that it is pre installed with Windows CD either it is Windows XP, Windows Vista to weather it is Windows 7. The second reason is that almost all software developers use Internet Explorer in linking with internet. Internet Explorer has 9 consecutive versions starting from Version1.0 launched in first time 1995 and after this release Microsoft continually improved its experience day by day as they lunched the several version including Version 2.0, Version 3.0,Version 4.0,Version 5.0, Version 6.0, Version 7.0,Version 8.0 and most latest at that time which is Version 9.0.  
Market Share of All versions of Internet Explorer According to Wikipedia
Key Features of Internet Explorer:
  1. No need to install its Default installed with your Microsoft Windows automatically updated just need your permission.
  2. The most common and well know web browser all over the world.
  3. Innovative and comprehensive 
  4. Fast speed support all online application such as Java, Adobe Flash Player and Net Frame work etc... 
 That's end of Part1 there are lot of other interesting facts about this war in Part 2

Wednesday, February 1, 2012


Entertainment is most important aspect of each and every activity of our life today. This session will includes entertainment stuff such as funny movies, funny clips, jokes, movies, music and games here you can spend time to get entertainment.
  1. Punjabi Dubbing Film
  2. Mir Been
  3. Body Guard Full lenght Hindi Film
  4. WWE Full Lenght videos

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