Thursday, December 31, 2009

Help Blinds Download Screenreader

Help Blinds People: After downloading this software they can use computer

I am very pleased after sharing this application to you and I hope you will help me to spreed this application to all people who are blinds and want to use computer. Thunder Screen Reader is a software which helps blinds to use computer. Basically it is talking software which tells each and every tab of keyboard or even every click of mouse.
  • Thunder download(window xp, window vista)
Download: Install thunder exe
  • Thunder USB version: Just unzip and copy it on your USB device then you can use it anywhere with your flash drive.
Download: Install Thunder USB version
  • Thunder screen reader for network: it is set of suitable file can be used for a school computer lab or for college.
Download Thunder for Network

Your help can make able many blinds to use computer easily.

Must Visit it:

Monday, December 28, 2009

Download Object Dock

Object Dock is very interactive program by which users can manage their shortcuts easily. It provides not only object bar just like vista object bar but present more easy setting to customize it. This is only 12.08 MB file and can be download with in 1 or 2 minuets. It will give your desktop new and unique look. Remember before this you can get these types of icon in animated bar only in window vista but it is very simple to get this icon bar shown in above picture. Actually this bar is created by which offer bundle of free software as well as premium software which can be bought easily from their website. So, its little bit about this software now you are just click away from this bar.

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Downloads 4

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Download Google Maps

Google Maps is very useful application which provides
good experience to its users. By using this application you can trace your physical location on the internet. It provides maps of all world you just have to enter the name of your country or city it will bring you in this city. When you use this application it will lo
ok like as you are on tour of your city. If you are thinking to visit any other city of your country or even out of your country I suggest to spent few minutes on
Google maps. Just write your current city name and the name of city where you want to go and click on search. It will provide you the complete details of your journey. This application can be download free from . To download Google Maps wright now click here:

Installation Guide: When you click on the link given above application will be start downloading automatically. You just have to download it and run this to install on compute
r. Next download wizard will guide you to install it on you hard drive.
1 : 2

3 4

Watch all these pictures to get right path for installation guide.

Saturday, December 12, 2009

Download DesktopX

DestopX is wonderful software which is particularly designed. It enable users to create its widgets to make there desktop more attractive. Click here to download right now
After installing this software on your computer you will see a icon on desktop of desktopX,
double click will open this icon and now you can have lot of enjoyment. There are three buttons on this screen when you open this icon. Welcome, Desktop or Preference respectively. When you open first time this software welcome button is opened by default. There are three more buttons on welcome screen. Import an object (where you can import an widget from you hard drive nearly 4 widgets are installed with this program including MS Word, Outlook, DVD and Email box these are animated button which will be uploaded on your desktop when you select them.) second is import widget (where you can import widget which are beautiful fishy fly on your desktop, clock and much more you can easily download from the download button on this screen). So, DesktopX is very good experience go in the and enjoy this interesting thing.

Friday, December 11, 2009

Start Browsing with Google Chrome

There was a time when people don't know about the internet and just use computer as computing machine. But with the passage of time different companies get entrance in the market and starts to introduce new software for computer. This is how we become familiar with software slowly and slowly. According to Wikipedia ( Google started its operation as research project in January 1996. Google is on of the most famous brand in world. Google is known as biggest search engine in all over the world. Google has introduce its internet explore with the name of Google Chrome, this is called the world fastest internet browser. So competition has been start in explorer market. Other popular browsers are MSN, FireFox, Safari from Apple are also very good browser but the google Chrome is the best and fastest browser in the world. Click on below link to go on download page of Google Chrome and enjoy the fastest internet browsing.

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