Monday, October 22, 2012

Nokia PC Suite and Nokia Ovie now 2 in 1

Nokia PC Suite and Nokia Ovi now 2 in 1
Nokia PC Suite and Nokia Ovi now 2 in 1

Nokia PC Suite and Nokia Ovi now 2 in 1

Nokia the leading mobile phone country on the planet is always looking to differentiate itself from other manufacturer with new features, innovation, simplicity, quality and trust. Nokia already had own two very unique software for Nokia Mobile phone holders Nokia PC Suite and Nokia Ovi in which Nokia continue introducing new features and tools for convenient  of customers. For example very first PC suite is very simple it has no ability to resize images and to convert videos according to mobile size but the new version has these features The process continue for years of introducing new and unique features for Nokia customer. Then Nokia introduce Nokia Ovi a new service for only Nokia Customer Nokia Ovi was the powerful tool for synchronizing your mobile phone data with your computer. Nokia Ovi also has the ability to download and install application directly from Nokia store to the mobile phone device. People like this new tools very much and in few days after launching Nokia Ovi it has customers in thousands around the world which are very soon converted into millions.

There is still gap between Nokia Suite and Nokia Ovi because if a user wants to read and send messages from PC he/she will use Nokia Suite and if looking for apps for Nokia device will be using Nokia Ovi. Even Nokia PC Suite has the ability to to install application but did not has ability to download from Nokia Suite. So, customers are looking for some way to use both these software at the same time like 2 in 1. So, Nokia didn't took too much time to understand the customers need and Launched Nokia Suite (Nokia PC Suite and Nokia Ovi now 2 in 1) which is the reason of this post. 

Most Important Features in new Nokia Suite:
  • Enjoy 2 in 1 (Nokia PC Suite and Nokia Ovi now 2 in 1
  • Send and receive messages from PC (New Thread view)
  • Mobile data synchronization (transfer files from mobile to PC and PC to Mobile)
  • Simple, Fast and Convenient
  • Can use Bluetooth connection free of wired like USB cable 
  • Can receive MMS on PC for first time very Unique service 
  • Link with your Nokia Account for Nokia store download free applications
  • synchronizing is never easy before this synchronizing Contacts numbers
I recommend you to use Nokia Suite to get more out of Your Nokia Phone and PC.

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