Saturday, July 5, 2014

how to post watching football match status on Facebook

How to post watching football match status on Facebook will help you to posting your status on Facebook when you are watching a match between two team and you want to tell your friends about this event. One is to post by simply typing I am watching match between these teams and post your status and other way is with graphic presentation and links, means that if any friends of you want to see this match can watch score card on internet.

Step 1:

Go to the status box and click in it to type something

Step 2:

Click on smiley icon shown below the cursor typing area 

Step 3:

Now select what you are doing , you are watching, reading or any thing else that you are doing but in this case for posting Football match status you should select Watching

Step 4:

After selecting watching as status type the name of teams you are watching For Example Brasil Vs Colombia you will just start typing and you will have option already written

Step 5:

In last step just click on post before posting your can select the opting who can see this status Click on Public button for other options.

Thanks for you time keep watching Fifa Football World Cup 2014...have a nice time on internet.

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