Friday, August 12, 2011

Add +1 buttun to your site or blog and Increase traffic

How to add Google 1+ button 

Google 1+ is new and advance to increase the site traffic and be connected with friend and a family and going to be the great threat for Facebook like button. You can see Google 1+ button on all sites today by which you can see the popularity graph of Google's success.  This post will guide you to add Google 1+ button to your own site or blog.

Follow these easy steps to add it on your site.

1)Click here to open  Google+1 button code
2) Copy and Paste the code generated from Google site and you done. 

Another easiest way to display Google +1 button
1) Long on to blogger
2) Click on Design
3) Click on Page Elements
 4) In blog post section click on "Edit button" just like below picture.

5) When you click on Edit it will open new window like this below;

6) just check the box shown in above window and click on save your Google+1 or buzz button will be automatically published on your blog.

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Wednesday, August 10, 2011

How to add "Call Me" button on your web site or blog using Skype

Skype is the one of most popular social community in the world and it has recognized herself more innovative, quick and easiest way to be connected with family and friends. Its trend now a day mostly website owners are using Skype "Call Me" button by which visitors can easily contact with owners it simple and free of cost. That's the reason to write this post in fact. I am sharing with you this process in few steps hope you will like this. 

1) Go to and create your account.
2) Click on this link : Skype Button
3) Enter your Skype user name
4) Select your button style
    it will show this window

5) Copy  the code show in bottom of the the Skype site will look like this picture.

5) Paste the code where you want to publish this button and you done.

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

How to create mouse over, down and click effect on Button

How to create mouse over, down and click effect on Button

Using Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Image Ready

Welcome Dear Visitors here you will be guided throughout the process of creating mouse over, down and click effect by using adobe image ready. 
  1. Start new file of Adobe Photoshop:


2. Open new file in Adobe Photoshop

3. Define the size of file according to your requirement

4. select button shape as you want
5. draw button shape:

6. Open this image now with image ready by clicking the button at last at tool bar

 7. Click on Window button and open web content options as shown in picture below

8. select the design of button from only arrow marked styles:

9. Click on roll-over button in web content option widow as in picture

10. After selecting roll-over button new options will be visible for you now double click on "over" - "down" buttons to create click effects on your button. please watch picture carefully and follow the instruction 

11. after selection of mouse effect now its time to save your button. Go to file click on save and than select save as optimized as than select save file as html and images.  save and you done.

12. ok this message

12. now open your file where you have saved internet browser will open this file. When internet browser will starts you will see yellow colour in notice bar in click on this bar ans select allow blocked content then you will see the mouse over effects.

hope you will learned how to create mouse over effect if you have any question about it please contact wit us using comments.
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