Saturday, December 12, 2009

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Download DesktopX

DestopX is wonderful software which is particularly designed. It enable users to create its widgets to make there desktop more attractive. Click here to download right now
After installing this software on your computer you will see a icon on desktop of desktopX,
double click will open this icon and now you can have lot of enjoyment. There are three buttons on this screen when you open this icon. Welcome, Desktop or Preference respectively. When you open first time this software welcome button is opened by default. There are three more buttons on welcome screen. Import an object (where you can import an widget from you hard drive nearly 4 widgets are installed with this program including MS Word, Outlook, DVD and Email box these are animated button which will be uploaded on your desktop when you select them.) second is import widget (where you can import widget which are beautiful fishy fly on your desktop, clock and much more you can easily download from the download button on this screen). So, DesktopX is very good experience go in the and enjoy this interesting thing.


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