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Role of Artist and Singers in war of 6 September 1665

Role of Artist and Singers in war of 6 September 1665

(Written by Khalid Yazdani in Nawa-e-waqt Sunday Magazine 6 Sep 2009)

6th September 1965 has got high position and value in the history of Pakistan. At that day Pakistan was attacked by the Indian and this is the day when each and every Pakistani realizes his strength in right manner. At that time Poets, artists and singers are all working side by side with the Pak Army. Before this war singers and writers or artists are busy in romantic types of stories or poetry but they stop doing all this stuff and start writing for Pak Army and start singing for these people who are participating in this war. Poets are busy in writing for them, singers are busy in singing and increasing their morals to sacrifices everything for their homeland. This what we cannot find in all over the world even Indians are more in number but they are very few in passion. At that day whole nation stand up against the Indian Army and prove that even we are less in number, we have less resource but we can defend our homeland by sacrificing or blood for Pakistan. And that’s why this day has brightened place in the history of Pakistan.

At that time Radio Pakistan is also working very well to increase the moral of their Army. All writers, poets, singers and artist spend the whole night at Radio station of Lahore and serving for Pak Army. At that time an old man AY CHUSHTI MARHOOM write very famous song and which is sung by famous singer MEHDI HASSAN in such a way that when we listen this Milli Nagma even today increase the moral of us even after 44 years. The lyrics of this song are as…

Apni jan nazr kron,

Apni wafa paish kron,

Qoom k mard-e-mujahid,

Tujay kai paish kron,


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