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Compensation Management

Performance & Compensation Management {1}

  1. The performance appraisal involves the identification, ______________________, and management of human performance in an organization.

    (compilation, implementation, measurement)

  2. Identification means determining what areas of _____________ the manager should be examining.

    (Responsibilities, tasks, work)

  3. Management is the overriding ____________ of any appraisal system.

    (Goal, objective, strategy)

  4. Organizations usually conduct appraisals for administrative and/or __________________ purposes.

(Performance, developmental, increment)

  1. Performance appraisals are used administratively for the decisions on promotions, _________________, and rewards.

    (Bonuses, incentives, termination)

  2. Appraisals are typically based on supervisor's _______________ judgments rather than on objective indicators of performance.

    (Personal, subjective, perceived)

  3. Dimension is an aspect of performance that determines effective __________________ performance.

    (Job, task, work)

  4. Job ________________ is the mechanism by which performance dimensions should be identified.

    (Description, design, analysis)

  5. The _________________ based approach identifies dimensions based on goals and where the organization intends to go.

    (Objective, policy, strategy)

  6. The performance measuring formats are classified in two ways i.e. types of judgment and focus of ____________________.

    (Work, job, measure)

  7. The __________________ judgment asks managers to compare an employee's performance to the performance of other employee doing the same job.

    (Absolute, relative, comparative)

  8. The __________________ judgment formats ask managers to make judgment about an employee's performance based solely on performance standards.

    (Absolute, relative, comparative)

  9. _____________________ Appraisal instrument ask the manager to make judgment about worker's characteristics that tend to be consistent.

    (Trait, behavioral, emotional)

  10. _____________________ Appraisal instrument asks managers to assess the results achieved by workers.

    (Outcome, MBO, work)

  11. _______________ Error is an error in performance appraisal that reflects consistent biases on the part of the rater.

    (Rater, halo, range)

  12. _______________ Error is the tendency to rate similarly across dimensions.

    (Rater, halo, range)

  13. ___________________ refers to the degree to which the performance ratings given by various managers in an organization are similar.

    (Comparability, compatibility, similarity)

  14. The goal of appraisal from a ______________ perspective is accuracy.

    (Rational, political, managerial)

  15. The goal of appraisal from a ______________ perspective is utility.

    (Rational, political, managerial)

Performance & Compensation Management {2}

  1. Compensation is the single most important ________________ in most firms.

    (Revenue, expense, cost)

  2. The ________________ compensation is the package of quantifiable rewards an employee receives for his or her labors.

    (Base, total, partial)

  3. The __________________ compensation is the fixed pay an employee receives on regular basis.

    (Base, total, partial)

  4. The _______________ incentive is a program designed to reward employees for good performance.

    (Motivational, monetary, pay)

  5. The internal equity refers to the perceived fairness of the ______________ structure within a firm.

    (Pay, wage, compensation)

  6. The external equity refers to the perceived fairness of the ___________ relative to what other employers are paying for same type of labor.

    (Pay, wage, compensation)

  7. The distributive justice model of pay _________________ holds that employees exchange their contributions or inputs to the firm.

    (Amount, contribution, equity)

  8. The _____________ pay is a predictable monthly compensation.

    (Total, fixed, variable)

  9. The _____________ pay takes many forms including bonuses, incentives, profit-sharing, stock options etc.

    (Total, fixed, variable)

  10. The most extreme forms of ________________ contingent compensation are traditional piece-rate plans and sales commission.

    (Membership, work, performance)

  11. In ________________ contingent compensation firm provide the same or a similar wage to every employee in a given job for least satisfactory performance.

    (Membership, work, performance)

  12. In _________________-based pay system employees are paid on the basis of the jobs they can do.

    (Job, knowledge, task)

  13. In _________________-based pay system employees do not need to cover for one another frequently.

    (Job, knowledge, task)

  14. The _____________________ pay system is a pay plan in which most employees are part of the same compensation system.

    (Elitist, egalitarian, equality)

  15. The _____________________ pay system is a pay plan in which different compensation systems are established for employees at different levels.

    (Elitist, egalitarian, equality)

  16. The _______________ pay system forces managers to be more fair and effective in administrating compensation.

    (Open, neutral, close)

  17. The _______________ pay system can unleash a destructive cycle of conflict and hostility that is difficult to stop.

    (Open, neutral, close)

  18. The ____________-based approaches include the most traditional and widely used types of compensation programs.

    (Job, skill, task)

  19. In ____________-based approach employees should be paid according to their flexibility or capability of performing multiple tasks.

    (Job, skill, task)

  20. In pay grades system the groups of ______________________ are paid within the same pay range.

    (Jobs, tasks, responsibilities)

Performance & Compensation Management{3}

  1. Successful implementation of performance management system requires wide organizational support and ___________________.

    (Planning, controlling, acceptance)

  2. The implementation of performance management system requires the involvement of many _______________________.

    (Resources, machines, players)

  3. Before PM system is launched a successful communication plan must be __________________________.

    (Implemented, planned, designed)

  4. In PMS communication plan, the information on relationship between performance management and _________________ planning is provided.

    (HR. business, strategic)

  5. A good communication plan describes the ______________ of implementing performance management for all those involved.

    (Benefits, rewards, incentives)

  6. The communication plan should include information on the ______________ and responsibilities of each person involved at each stage of the process.

    (Job, task, role)

  7. In communication plan, the information on relationship between performance management and training, _________________ and succession planning.

    (Compensation, promotion, development)

  8. Minimize the negative impact of biases in PMS communication plan by involving the ____________________.

    (Employees, managers, supervisors)

  9. Minimize the negative impact of biases in PMS communication plan by creating positive _________________ towards new performance system.

    (Response, picture, attitude)

Minimize the negative impact of biases in PMS communication plan by using ___________________ communication. (Verbal, non-verbal, written)



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