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How to increase or decrease the brightness of Gateway Netbooks?

The trend of using movable media has been increased in 21st century which includes, Ipad, Laptops, notebook and Netbook etc. The basic idea behind this is make better use of time even you can control your business activities when you are on vacations sitting far away from your business just with the help of such advance electronic media. Now, everybody wants to use such devices some for business use other for entertainment only. All these people having basic concern when they are on the way they try to avoid low battery. In order to keep the batteries time well mostly all these devices are by defaults on energy saving mode. This is the reason of posting on this topic today. I have purchased netbook of Gateway which is by default on energey saving mode and when I plug in my charger I found the screen is brighter but when I unplug the charger screen went dark even difficult to read on it. I have tried different tools to increase the brightness but I am failed to found any option in whole control panel. In fact the solution is quite simple finally I found it by using the keyboard buttons.

Follow this process to increase or decrease the brightness of your laptop, notebook and netbook.

1.     Keep Pressing the “Fn” key on the left side beside with “Ctrl” key.
2.     Now Press the right “arrow key” to increase the brightness of screen.
3.     Now Press the Left “arrow key” to decrease the brightness of screen.

Watch this picture to easily understand
This very simple to increase or decrease the brightness of laptop or notebook many people were looking for this option in control panel but its only on keyboard no where else. I hope you like it.

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