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how to make partition in windows 7

Microsoft has been leader of operating system for computers and other windows devices since many years and Microsoft is still having biggest market share in all over the world. Microsoft's key product is operating systems. Windows are very common product of Microsoft around the world Windows 95,Windows 98, Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7 and now Windows 8 are the latest model available in the Market. Windows 7 has change the complete look of classic windows and it has beautiful graphics, easy customization , unique tools and very interesting features. But Windows 7 require very good system to be operated quickly and easily it require more Hard disk, good processor and good ram at least 1GB. Windows 7 has simplify many things which is very long debate here I will discuss about the partition of Hard Disk which is very easy and simple in Windows 7. Follow this process to create partition of your Hard disk.

  1. Right click on your computer icon at desktop and select Manage 
  2. On the left side of your screen you will see Storage icon right click and open Disk Management 
  3. Double click on  Disk Management button you will see your computer Hard Disk partitions here if you have only one partition it will only show C drive.
  4. Now right click on C Drive from the menu select Shrink Volume 
  5. You will see another dialog box which contains 4 main points First Total size before Shrink in MB(before creating partition it will show your hard disk in MB-it is small unit of GB 1GB consist on 1024MB so keep this in mind before partition), size of available shrink available in MB (here you will see total size of avaiable ), Enter the amount of space to Shrink,Total size after shrink(total remaining space of disk)
  6. After putting right value in the space to shrink cell click on Shrink button this all you have to do watch these pictures to clearly understand the whole process again.

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