Sunday, July 15, 2012

Google I/O conferences 2012

                            Google I/O conferences 2012 Day 1

Google I/O refers to term Input Output and Innovation in the Open. Basically the Google I/O is series of conferences held in Francisco California from last 5 years and it is still continuing. It is very advance and high technical for developers of website, mobile application, such as Android, Chrome, Google web toolkit and many many more technical topics involved in it. In this conference experts from Google spoke to the audience about their experience related with Google products and explains the usage graphs of these products. Through this conference Google introduce new updates and features of its products and its also organized to launch new brand in the world market. Google I/O conference is getting more and more audience after each years and its is world wide telecast through you tube, TV channels and hundreds of website showing live stream of this event.

Google I/O Conference Historic view:Google I/O Conferences starts in 2008 for the first time it is just like Google Developers Day.

Google I/O Conference 2008:
  • Google Web Toolkit
  • Google Map API
  • Android

Google I/O Conference 2009:

  • Android Application
  • App Engine
  • Goolge AJAX API
  • Open Social

Google I/O Conference 2010:

  • Google TV
  • Google Web Toolkit updates
  • Google Wave

Google I/O Conference 2011:

  • Android New features
  • Google chrome OS
  • Google Music
  • Amazon Cloud Player 

Google I/O Conference 2012:

  • Samsung Galaxy Nexus
  • Nexus Q
  • Samsung Chrome Box 

   Watch this Video and enjoy this day.


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