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Top 5 free cloud storage services for online data backup

Top 5 free cloud storage services for online data backup 

Our last post about what is cloud storage will be helpful for you if you do not have any idea about thee cloud storage. Cloud storage is on-line service by which you can create backup of your data.

This very important for a computer user to make its all contents secure and safe whenever he need any of them can gain easily. Hard disk is primary storage of all computers while Memory cards are widely used for storage of mobile phone devices even these the two resources are considered basic and strong but there is always chance of corruptions or disk failure. In this case everything on hard disk will be unavailable or might be lost it would be disaster for business user or home user even if he/her is a student. But now there is solutions for all of your problem related with your system backup. Here are top 5 best free cloud storage service provider to ensure your data is more secure and safe.

  1. Sky Drive by Microsoft: A Microsoft product is very simple and fastest online storage provider its free the best part of this product is than you can use all your MS Office documents here. You can save your Word file, Power Point Presentation and Excel sheets. Another best option is the facility to drag an drop the files online just like your primary hard disk. Read our tutorial on How to use Sky Drive?
  2. Drop Box: Drop Box is another free service for storing files, photos and documents online it supports many device and operating system even you can use it on your mobile phone also. In this way anything you are going to store in drop box will be available from anywhere in the world just sign in to your account to avail it.
  3. Box:  It is considered leader in cloud service provider basic plan is free and have to upgrade for business purpose. It also support Power Point files, Doc files, Excel files and pdf files. You can store here and can control from all over the world.
  4. iCloud: iCloud is very famous product of Apple company it let is best online storage for all products of Apple like Iphone, Imac, and now even available on Apple TV. It has ability to store your Messages, your contacts, your documents and photos online and ease of access from any part of the world.
  5. Open Drive: Gives you up to 5 GB free online storage for your any kind of file the best thing about open drive is that it works like your local hard disk. After installation you will be able to see the virtual hard disk in your my computer just like your c or d drive named Open Drive. You can easily store file on it even when you are saving your file you can open the Open Drive directly from save as path.

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  1. online data backup is very important, I have been using dropbox and am very satisfied with this.


  2. This technology is so very useful for individuals and business users. I have an experience using dropbox and Insync only. Check for more details about it.

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