Sunday, May 19, 2013

how to make a usb fan with cd


Guys you can make a very useful fan with USB cable and Old CD very easily and it require not a big scientific approach at all. All you have to do is a very simple process given below.


  • 2 CD disks (Old or new)

  • 1 Small Motor

  • 1 USB Cable

  • Magic for joint

  • 1 big Marker which is dry or wastage or you can buy a new 1

  • 1 cork usually used for test tube cap or any thing like this

Make sure you have all these things mention above in requirement and you know there is not a single item that you cannot afford. So, lets stat making your very first USB Fan or you might thing your self create of this fan.


1) Take USB Cable and open its upper cover you will find 4 colors of wire (Red, Black, Green and White) you will need only 2 of them Red and Black wire so simple remove others. 

2) Take Small moter and joint the the USB wire Red at + side and Black at - side

3) Take 1 CD and heat it with candle flame when you feel CD is soft start cutting the disk like fan wings and make 8 to 9 wings 

4) Now take 1 more CD and put the marker in CD middle and joint it with magic or Elfy it will work like stand and then take the Moter and joint it at top of Marker with magic glue or Elfy with help of tape bind. (Wait until all joints are dry and strong)

5) Take upper cap of marker or cork and put it in the middle of CD of step 3 for fan wings and make small hole in cape at back side so that Small moter inserted here. 

6) Finally attach the step 5 CD with stand you created at step 4 wait until all joints are strong and put the CD cable in USB Port enjoy the cool air of USB Fan.

Warning:- This method is test but we are not responsible for any kind of un-wanted result.


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