Wednesday, August 19, 2009

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How Blogger works? Who gets benifits from Blogging?

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No doubt that internet is the world’s biggest, easiest and quicker source of information. In these days internet is used in all over the word because of its unique types of benefits. Internet has been improved the largest database of all kinds of information. There is very interesting question about the internet, what type of information is not available on the internet? This is such question that nobody can say anything about that because its truth we can find all types of information via internet with just one click. The most interesting thing is that how this type of database has been developed that it covers all aspects of life and it is providing all types of information. Sometimes thinking about these entire questions I thought that it might be possible for that purpose hundreds of people or thousands of people have worked for hundreds of year to build such a largest database. Or it is also possible that all these people may work whole day or night and how long it took to store such biggest information.
But its just imagination of me there is no such concept in actual life of internet. This is such a wonder in which every one can participate to store information, ideas, views or anything else what he/she want to store very easily. Thousands of people are connected with internet and sharing their ideas or experience on internet through their personal web pages or blogs. Many websites are available offering free web pages or blogs now a day especially Google or Yahoo are the most popular in this game. The question is that why these companies are offering this precious facility for free. Actually they are taking lots of advantages by offering free blogs or web pages. The person who starts working on a blog or web page start sharing his experience or opinions which will be added in the databank of that company the next time when someone is looking for this sort of information it will be provided through search engine. This is how search engine collects the information by paying noting for something.
But in fact Google is facilitating its user or blogger (Person who make blog) a certain amount if he/she work for their Google adsense program. Which is basically a contract between Google and User to work for Google and display the ads on his/her blog than user will be given certain amount of money according to their participation. This is count on the basis of Per Click, actually when user display ads on his/her blog or the visitor of this page click on ad this is count 1 click and user will get the incentive on each click. It generates money for both Google and user as well. The companies who are displaying their ads on these blogs get their target audience so it is also important from their point of view and these companies are directly paying to Google in order to display their ads. It all happens because of Blogging there are thousands of user who are using and earning handsome money just working at home and this such a good way of earning money that you even don’t pay a single coin on that but you can earn a lot from it.


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