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why interview is important?

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Interview is very important:
In selection process of any organization interview is considered one of the most important and reliable tool for better decision making about the candidate. Interview helps both employer and employee to discuss openly all the issues and matter which can not be properly focused in written test or other tests. I am going to write down my personal learning from Recruitment and selection course which I studied in my MBA why interview is so much popular and important to make best hiring decision. I hope it will help you a lot….
 There are many benefits of interview and having lots of impacts on selection decision.
Interview helps employer to identify gaps between years of education or experience. These types of things can not be easily asses in employee application form which is the very starting stage of selection process. So, when employer or candidates are sitting before each other employer can ask about the gaps or employee can explain the reasons.
 Through interview we can measure or judge the level of motivation an individual have to work in our organization. So, far in application form or written test it is not possible to see how he behave actually. Interview also gives a clear picture of communication and presentation skills of employee. Interview also shows that how individual will work in stress.
 Interview can also identify the values and abilities of candidates which are matching for our job requirement. At this stage interviewer decide to select or reject an employee for the new post.
So these are few important benefits of interview.


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