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How Holy Prophet (PBUH) Spend the month of Ramadan?

How Holy Prophet (PBUH) Spend the month of Ramadan?

Our Holy Prophet (PBUH) is last Messenger of Allah Almighty and King of all Prophets (AS), Our Holy book Quran is last book send by Allah to His beloved Prophet Muhammad (PBUH). Allah Almighty gives special rank to our Holy Prophet (PBUH) in all Prophets and give special ranks to Quran in all books send by Allah to His Prophets. Similarly, Allah blessed the month of Ramadan with His blessing and this is full of blessing of Allah Almighty and there is way for Muslims to get more and more rewards from Allah Almighty in this special month. The month of Ramadan is King of all months.

Holy Prophet (PBUH) and His Followers feel very happy whenever they found this month is coming. This article will discuss some instance from the life of Holy Prophet (PBUH) how they spend this holy month in His life. The Holy Prophet found 9 months of Ramadan in His whole life after Prophet Hood (according to a report published in Nwai-waqt newspaper on 21 August 2009). There are lots of book in which this is discussed how Holy Prophet (PBUH) spend this month some of very popular instances are discussed below….

In Ramadan 2 Hijri: The Holy Prophet (PBUH) and His followers started worshiping Allah Almighty with pleasure in the city of Madena. In this month Quresh-e-Makka are preparing for war against the Muslims of Madena. Holy Prophet (PBUGH) is also preparing to fight against them even Muslims few in number but they are confident that Their Allah will not let them alone at this difficult time and trust on Their Allah. In the second week of Ramadan this war took place in the Badar when Holy Prophet (PBUH) coming with Followers in the way Allah Almighty sends the news of victory through Jibrael (AS). Muslims of Makka win this fight against the Quresh-e-Makka even they are very few in number actually 313 people fight in this Ghazwa (War against non-Muslims in which Holy Prophet (PBUH) participate Himself) this incident took place on 17th of Ramada and after this grand victory Muslims spend whole month with peace and pleasure.

In Ramadan 3 Hijri: Holy Prophet (PBUH) spends this month of Ramadan in Madena city with His Followers. Now Quresh-e-Makka are again preparing for war against the Muslims to take the revenge of Ghazwa-e-Badar. Holy Prophet (PBUH) also started preparing for new war and selected defensive strategy this time. Eid-ul-Fitter (Celebrated on 1st of Shawal) comes meanwhile when Muslims are discussing how to fight against the Quresh and making strategies. On 6th of Shwal (Name of Islamic Month Came after Ramadan) Quresh came in Madena valley with 300,000 of army Holy Prophet (PBUH) spend this whole night with the Followers out of city to inform the Quresh that we are ready for fight. On 7th of Shawal the second war occur between the Muslims of Madena and Quresh-e-Makka this is known as Ghazwa-e-Ohadd. This is very difficult day for Muslims because Quresh-e-Makka are very angry and they came to take the revenge of Ghazwa-e-Badar. 70 Followers are martyred including Hazrat Ameer Hamza (RA), Hazrat Musaab Bin Umair (RA) or Hazrat Hanzala (RA) this ware is also important because in this war Holy Prophet’s (PBUH) Teeth are martyred. In the same month Hazrat Fatima (RA) youngest daughter of Holy Prophet (PBUH) got married Hazrat Ali (RA).

In Ramadan 4 Hijri: on 4th of Shubaan another Ghazwa occurred known as Ghazwa-e-Bader Doom Holy Prophet (PBUH) Participate in this war Ramadan came after this incident and Holy Prophet (PBUH) spend this month in Madena city.

In Ramadan 5 Hijri: According to the writer of “Alrahek-ul-Makhtoom” Ghazwa-e-Ahzaab occurred on 5th of Shubaan. Quresh-e-Makka are preparing to attack on Madena from 3 months and this time all other tribes from the whole Arab’s are helping Quresh in this fight. Holy Prophet (PBUH) ordered his followers to prepare a ditch in order to save Madena from Quresh’s army the length of this ditch is nearly 9 kilometer. This year month of Shubaan and Ramadan passed in preparing for ditch. Nearly 28 days Quresh blockade the Madena but returned back without victory.

In Ramadan 6 Hijri: In this year Holy Prophet (PBUH) go for another battle which is known as Ghazwa-e-Bani Almustalq. When coming back from this Ghazwa another incident occur which is famous as “Waqai Qazaf” with Hazrat Aysha (RA). Holy Prophet (PBUH) spend 40 days in worst situation and this time Ramdan passed in these days.

In Ramadan 7 Hijri: Very important and famous agreement was signed between Quresh-e-Makka and Muslims of Madena known as “Sulha-Hudabiya”. Last year Muslims were not allowed to enter in Makka so they did not offer their “Umraah” so they did their Umraah in this year. This is the first Ramadan month which is passed in peace after the Hijrat (Migration) in Madena.

In Ramadan 8 Hijri: The famous agreement Sulha-Hudabiya was broken by the Quresh-e-Makka which give an opportunity for Muslims to take over the Quresh. This is very famous year in the History of Islam because in the same year Muslims get charge of Makka after defeating the Quresh-e-Makka on 20th of Ramadan-ul-Mubarak. Holy Prophet (PBUH) enter in the city of Makka as victorious and forgive all Qureshi and don’t take revenge from anyone.

In Ramadan 9 Hijri: This year month of Ramadan passed in a journey of Tabook. Holy Prophet (PBUH) announced for this war against the Qesre-e-Room. Nearly 30,000 of army from Muslims go to Tabook but Qesre-e-Room did not came for fight and whole army came bake safely without any loss.

In Ramadan 10 Hijri: This is going to be the last month of our Holy Prophet’s (PBUH) life but nobody no that. Holy Prophet spend this whole month in Madena and because of wars Holy Prophet (PBUH) don’t sit in Aytkaaf (in the month of Ramadan Muslims spend usually last 10 days of this month in mosque to worship the Allah Almighty). So, Holy Prophet (PBUH) spends this whole month in Aytkaaf.


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