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Help for MBA: What is Recruitment?

“Recruitment is a process of discovering the potential candidates for a particular job”

Objectives of Recruitment

Þ To obtain an adequate pool of applicants

Þ To provide such information about the job that those who are unqualified will not apply

Types of Recruitment

Þ Internal Recruitment

Þ External Recruitment

Internal Recruitment

When organizations recruit candidate for new job by using firms own resources or hire employees form the current employees it is called internal recruitment. There are many types of hiring employee by using internal recruitment some major of them are given below…

Þ Job Posting: In job posting employer provides notice to the current employees of the company who can apply for upcoming job. He may put the requirement of the notice board of the company or may be sent them by E-mail or via newsletter by using direct post to the employee’s home.

Þ Re-Recruiting: In Re-Recruiting employer select those people who are formal employees of the organization. Good employees who left the organization or those who give resign from the job are expected to be re-hired again these are considered the internal resource of the organization. Those people can also be hired who were successfully recruited but because of some reason they might not get the job.

Þ Succession Planning: Some organization has developed such a system that whenever there is new post for job available it should be refilled by those employees working in the same department as lower rank from the required job for example when the position is available for Manager mostly assistant manager are hired for that job.

Þ Organizational Database: Technology has long lasting impact in every field of humans recently the use of Human Resource Information System (HRIS) has been increased. It has become very easy for HR staff to keep the background information and KSA of existing employee. As new job open HR manager can put the job requirement of Job description in the HRIS that will provide the list of those individual who are having same abilities required for this job.

Advantages of Internal Recruitment:

Þ Employer and Employee relationship

Þ Build moral of the employees

Þ Cheaper

Þ Know your candidate better

Þ Already socialized no need for orientation

Disadvantages of Internal Recruitment

Þ Miss good talent outside the organization

Þ No new ideas or innovation

Þ Existing employees required more training to enhance skills

2-External Recruitment

“When organizations hire people from outside of resources it is called external recruitment”

There are several external resources for employer to select the candidate from external resources some important of them are listed below.

Þ Advertisement: Advertisement is the biggest resources of recruitment for new employees for this purpose organization usually publish their job ads on several Medias including Newspaper, TV, Radio or internet. Before publishing of ad advertiser or employer must need to consider these points…

Ø What should be the media?

Ø What should be message?

Another thing which is important to make successful job ad is the Formula of AIDA which is stand for Attention, Interest, Desire, or Action this is very common formula used almost in every ads.

Ø How to make an effective job ad?

To make an affective job ad you have to provide at least these three types of information about the job.

Ø Information of Job: Title of the Job, Location, Salary, Closing date, where CVs will be submitted e-mail address or phone number/cell number

Ø Qualification: Experience required, or three to five characteristics of successful candidate

Ø Information of Organization: Complete information about organization and nature of the business or nature of job to be performed.

Þ College Recruitment: When employer select students for new jobs directly form the university or college these types of recruitment are called college recruitment. This is very good place to hire fresh candidate with fresh knowledge or usually Management Trainee Officers are selected form the university or college level. There are two limitation of selecting employees from university level first is area of selection is very restricted or fresh graduates have less knowledge about practical life.

Þ E-Recruitment: The use of internet has been increased in corporate world. Now a day’s employer can select candidates by using internet which is less expensive and time saving. For this purpose employer publish job ads on his own website or might use some other websites to publish job ads such as,, etc..

Þ Recruitment agencies: Private agencies are working to recruit the new employees for an organization. These agencies usually received job requirement form the company and than find out the people who are having same abilities required for the job. Employer found his candidate without working so hard and agency chard for each employee who will be selected for new job from the organization.

Advantages of External Recruitment

Þ New employees bring new ideas

Þ More spark in new generation to work more efficiently

Þ Can handle raped growth

Þ Get people with update knowledge

Disadvantages of External Recruitment

Þ Expensive

Þ Time consuming

Þ Hiring Mistakes

Þ Reduce Promotions


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