Monday, June 18, 2012

Five best free software for audio and video calling on internet

Five best free software for audio and video calling on internet

Internet has changed the way of communication in fast, easy and cheapest way. In Pakistan we hardly find a few examples of communication before 20 or 25 years ago there were very old kind of communication resources like Telephone, letter writing, print media, Radio and television and internet was very rare at that time. The start of new century changes everything, way of communication, life style, business planing, informations resources we can say it has affected every aspect of life.
Today we have very fastest way of communication not only voice calling but video calling has been very popular especially in young generation. People are more likely to talk on video camera rather than simple audio calling. Internet made this all happening around us. Another thing which is keeping the cost control on these softwares is competition between the several companies of market share. In this way companies are offering all these thing for free to enjoy that's why we are getting all these stuff fro free.

In this post I have written a report of best application for video and audio calling report resutls generated from a survey. For this purpose I have selected top rated applications used for video and voice calling including Skype, MNS, Yahoo, Google talk and VSee all these applications are free to personal use.
  1. Skype: Skype is the best free video calling software it delivers hight definition videos it allow you to enjoy group call, Class room session and screen sharing ability. You can use Skype on Your computer, iphone, mobile phone and on new generations TVs. It offer basic and full version for home user and for personal user absolutely free.
  2. MSN:
  3. Google Talk:
  4. Yahoo chat:
  5. Vsee:


  1. Small business owners or a new company while they may not take advantage of toll free numbers it will be extremely important to realize the benefits of getting one. Weighing the cost of having one will likely be what a smaller business does however, larger business may already utilize a toll free number. free phonecalls

  2. Therefore, if you are thinking about changing a new free video call tool for better user experience, the five best free video conferencing services recommended in the above post but ezTalks also a great Free Video Calls or best video conferencing free apps now.


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