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How to use Control Panel in windows 7? Part 2

How to use Control Panel in windows 7?
Part 2
Early we have discussed How to use Control Panel in windows 7? Part 1 In details in which we talk about the System and Security today we will discuss about the next option Network and Internet .
So, Click on start menu => Open Control Panel => Select Network and Internet to start our new lesson on control panel.

Network and Internet
1.     Network and sharing center
2.     Home group
3.     Internet options

When you open Network and Internet first option is Network and Sharing Center  here you can view a full map of your computer network showing how you are connected with internet or network. You will see basic kind of information and can set up new connections by using this option. When you see a red color cross between computer and internet icon that means you are not connected with the internet or network. If your network or internet wire is not plugged in it will show the same error, if your internet modem is not turn ON will show same error but if internet wire and modem both are active and you are watching Red Cross that means there is problem with your internet connection.

To resolve this issue click on the red circle and follow the troubleshoot options to resolve this problem automatically. You will see also a link you are not connected to any network Connect t a network by clicking here you will be connected with the networks available for you.

Below these options you will see more links including

    • Set up New connection or network (here you can create new connection if your are going to connect you computer for the first time you will need this option. You can add a wireless connection, broadband connection, dial up, HOC  and VPN, router and access point. Best way is to call your local network operator and get guide lines for setting up new connection.
    • Connect to a network (this is similar to the upper options but its more specific and directly connections with network and internet connections.
    • Choose homegroup and Sharing ( here you can add printers, scanners and any other devices like that using your network these kinds of options are mostly used in offices and organizations where a single printer receiving commands from all computers or you  can change sharing settings form here.
    • Troubleshoot problems ( if you are unable to understand any error or having problem with internet or network you can use windows troubleshoot problems it will automatically resolve the problems

2.     Home group:

   In this option you can share your data or anything you want share picture and videos with those people who are using windows 7 in your own home. It requires your computer network connection must be at home. Following with three more options Tell me more about home groups, change advance setting and use troubleshoot.
3.     Internet options: 

   This is the last option which is very important topic for all those user who spend most of their time while surfing on internet. You can change your Homepage( page that opens when you click on internet browser) Manage browsers add-ons ( these are little extensions and tools attached with your internet browser like tool bars etc) you can delete all these add-ons from here if you do not want any one from these add-ons some of these really disturb us while using internet and these are automatically installed on our computer with any software especially when you download a software from internet these add-ons are attached with these software. So, here is solution for these problems go to this page and remove all unwanted add-ons. Delete browser history and cookies the next options will help you to delete your computer history and other temporary files if you do not like some one to see your browser history.
 Now we will discuss all these options one by one in internet options dialog box. 


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