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How to use control Panel in windows 7 Part 4

How to use control Panel in windows 7
Part 4

After brief over view and step by step guide line of System and Security we are on Network and Interne

options in Control Panel of Windows 7. My last tuto

If you are new to this tutorials click here to get started from first level so you can better understand the Control Panel of Windows 7.
rial on Internet Options in which I have tried to describe all features and options under the tab of General now we will move to next tab in Internet Option which is Security the most important part of this tutorial in order to keep your system safe and faster.

Today’s tutorial Part 4 is on Security tab second tab in Internet Options follow these steps to open this.

Start Menu è Control Panel è Network and Internet è Internet Options

For your convenience real picture has bee published below

When you click on this tab you face a new dialog box similar to this picture

In this dialog box you can see three kinds of information and setting for these options.
  1. First, Select and zone to view or change Security setting (Internet, Local Intranet, Trusted Sites and Restricted Sites)
  2. Internet ( the zone is for internet expect those websites listed in trusted and restricted sites)
  3. Security Level for this Zone ( High, Medium high and Medium)
First, Selecting zone for security setting:

Here we will discuss all these four options one by one so select Internet icon from this dialog box by selecting this zone you can change your security setting according to your wish if you thought a threat about virus, hacking and other fears you can use High setting or Medium High which is recommended setting you can change this setting by using scale given below to this dialog box just like this picture

Select the security level of your desire and apply the set
ting and then click on OK button or if you changed the setting and do not understand how to retain previous setting click on Reset all Zones to Default Level it will restore all original settings once again. You can also use Custom Level settings but this is for experts only who knows about the effects of Direct X and java scripts.

Local Intranet:

The next option under security tab is Local Intranet this is zone for websites available for you on your intranet. An intranet is a private network, usually within a company or organization. To get m
ore about intranet follow these steps to open windows help.

Start Menu è Control Panel è Network and Internet è Internet Options è click on security tab è Click on Local Intranet icon è Click on Sites Button è click on link what are intranet settings

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